Some of the best sites to earn

Faucet – 1hr(easy claim no popups, ads), dice game,Lottery(huge jackpot 1sat per you earn free every claim),Betting on popular games and many bonuses and contest), free  reward point every claim more point more prize ,earn amount – Up to 200$ worth BTC  1hr ,hit the jackpot(min 2sat per hit) ,Min payout – 0.0001btc direct you can easily use with other sites either earn or just free gamble.Its only take few seconds.

  • litecoinads
  • Legit paying
  • Functions – PTCs,Shortners,TE,many offer walls,paid to view (asia mag/earn doller 2000lit per view max 15) ,videos, captcha claim(no time with 150litoshi per claim), faucet, cheap upgrade(start 0.003ltc),adpack(start 0.001ltc 120%)
  • Ads – many daily ads(30 plus ads) ,free user 675lit per ad ,EARN profitable upgrade with more,(active user0.003ltcfor 30days  1250lit per ad) /(Premium0.037ltc30days – 4200lit per ad, more ref earning)
  • Ad pack(0.001) with 120ROI
  • Payout – instant up to 0.02ltc(faucetpay, payeer, direct) – No min to wallcrypt, faucetpay 0.0025lit microwallet,0.02ltc direct,payeer
  • Tipsclick ads,asia mag,earn doller task for earn more, within 3 days you can get 0.003 upgrade and earn more.When you have some active referrals worth to buying premium upgrade to more commissions
  • coinpayuLegit paying ptc site –  best to earn and advertise
  • Facts -(various advertisers available so its stable site,also many payout options)
  • Functions – PTC ,Surf,videos,many Offerwalls(that heighest paying)   Click rate – various(7,15,30….sat)  
  • Min payout – 5000satDirect wallet, Faucetpay, Doge,LTC,ETH wallets, Payeer  with in up to 72 business hrs
  • (Tips – check ads regularly,do some offers –adgate media,kiwiwall (quiz task etc…) for more sat to payout soon)

ad-dogeNew best PTC,GPT site  Functions – PTCs(0.1- 2D -20+),Faucet(0.1-500D every 5min), Shortners (0.2D), many offerwalls, paid to task(CPA-watch youtube videos,likes ,comments etc..),Lotteries,contests etc…  
Payout50doge min instant to faucetpay , 100D-direct.  (at least 4D for only from daily ads)
Tips – fill daily task and get another 10 Doge

adbtcLegit paying site    Facts – many ads (normally 300 sat + per one time,some earn even 1000sat daily)Functions – PTC ,Surf ,aurosurf     Click rate – various(7,15,38….sat)   , cheap advertisements   Min payout – 4000sat faucetpay or 30ksat BTC wallet ,payeer(3business days). (check regularly for more ads)

  • adcountnew paying ptc site (other from reliable 1xbit site)
  • Functions – PTC   Click rate – (25,15,10,8sat)                                  
  • Payout5000sat min faucet pay instsant (270+sat daily)

1xbitBnew paying ptc site (other reliable 1xbit site)Functions – PTC   Click rate – (25,15,10,8sat) Payout5000sat min faucet pay instsant (170+sat daily)

Earnsatonew paying PTC, GPT ,Shortner site Functions – PTC , Shortner wall, many Offerwalls, PTSU Tasks   Click rate – (5-25sat)  ,shortners(20,18,16,14,12,11sat)      
Payout250sat min to faucetpay instsant (Tips-click 5ads -25sat + 6shortners 2days to payout)


  • coinadsterLEGIT Faucet,PTC,GPT site  
  • Functions – Faucet(5-12000sat 5min-some hours they have promotion that you can claim every 1min), shortners wall(20,15sat many earn at least 700sat daily), Many offer walls,lottery,Contests  
  • Payout – 1000sat faucetpay instant
  • Tips – click shortners,do some offers,ptcs to gain much sats)
  • doge-bitsfree –  Legit DOGE Faucet,PTC,GPT site    
  • Functions – Faucet(0.11-1200DOGE 3min-some times they have promotion that  you can claim every 1min), shortners wall(0.2-0.4D per many), Many offer walls, Contests   
  • Payout – min 20D faucetpay instant 100D direct (also shortner and offerwall contest available)
  • neobitsLEGIT Faucet,PTC,GPT site  
  • Functions – Faucet(4-20000sat every 5min
  • shortners wall(14sat many earn atleast 300sat daily), Many offer walls, Contests  
  • Payout – 3000sat faucetpay instant
  • also shortner and offerwall contest available
  • Tips – click shortners20(300 sat daily),do some offers,ptcs to gain much sats)
  • bitsfree LEGIT Faucet,PTC,GPT site  
  • Functions – Faucet(10-100000sat 30min)
  • shortners wall(15sat many earn atleast 300sat daily), Many offer walls, Contests  
  • Payout – 3000sat faucetpay instant
  • (also shortner and offerwall contest available) ,
  • Tips – click shortners20(300 sat daily),do some offers,ptcs to gain much sats)

grabtc LEGIT Faucet,PTC,GPT site
Functions – Faucet(14-300000sat every 60min for easy claim)
Payout – 5000sat faucetpay instant

  • Yannikbizold legit(since 2015)
  • Functions – clean faucet(shortners) , claimrate – various , many offerwalls, PTC ads
  • Coinbulb Old LEGIT Faucet,PTC site  
  • Functions – Faucet(Claim up to 200$ worth btc every 30 min) ,PTC ADS
  • Payout – 20000sat Direct Payout

Legit shortner wall and task sites

  • Legit shortner PTCs      
  • Functions – Big shortners(30+) wall (many shortners for 12-18sat),Faucet 6sat  30sec. auto faucet, Daily and weekly contest(reward for most clickers top3) support many coinsBTC,LTC,DOGE,BLK    
  • PayoutInstant ,No min for express crypto , 2000 or 5000sat for faucetpay or direct paid with in 48hrs.

(Both sites are from same owner so if you click same time both, click different shortner for each sites,unless it may cause error)

  1. freebitcoinwin
  2. coindicewin
  • faucettop – New paying LTC faucet , shortner wall

Earn for – Faucet – 2000litoshi every hour easy claim ,solve shortners(1000-2000litoshi per shortners)
Min payout – 0.00025ltc faucetpay

For newbies –

All sites above are paying and added after fully confirmed(if you regularly work more than5k sat daily with few effort) ,So with above sites you can earn and pay out day to 2week (most sites) even without referrals if you work well.
Tips for time saving and earn more same time,

  • PTC- click ads many sites(2,3 sites..) instead of 1 site so same time for each sites earn more, think if one site can earn around 230sat 3such sites you can earn 700sat same easily ,its only about 15min.
  • Faucets – all faucet here  (Like coinadster, can claim every 5min so above faucets claim more to highest chance to win more,and also most sites have shortners so you can earn more.
  • All above hourly faucet paying but only you can earn heighst rewart rarely,your lucky time take less than 20sec to claim.
  • GPT/Offers/TASK (many of sites above have)– can be vary,some offers are surveys which is only for some countries and with highest earning,but some easy offers also available- such as watch video,asia mag,earn doller,more time task,click ads,Easy quiz task(adgatemedia,kiwiwall,aye t..- which can do easily (with online searching help),those are help earn more payout soon.

                     Also remember some offers can do many(such as surveys),but most task(like quiz task) can only credited only one time per day,ip or session after that not credited even with different sites ,providers(no matter which site),so if you find good site do task that day for that site,and also don’t include any surveys with your financial information,don’t install every software without check as that might contain virus.Check site news ,terms often.